Medicaid Office Your child may qualify even if you don't.

- Get there early. Lines can be very long. 

- Stay calm and ask for a supervisor if you don't think your questions are being answered. 

Palliative Care

​- When we started home hospice our palliative care team helped us get things started. They were an amazing support system and guiding light for us. We leaned on them for advice and support, they were with us every step. 

Nursing may be available. Your child may be eligible for nursing. 

- We spent over a year with no sleep, a grueling overnight schedule. We were finally approved for nursing through medicaid. 

Resources Available 

​to your family

Ask questions. You are your child's biggest advocate. 

- Make a list of questions before each appt.

- Don't let yourself be intimidated. Ask for an explanation you can understand. β€‹

Social work Dept. 

Social Workers are here to help you. 

- Social workers at your childs hospital are here to help you. They can guide you in the right direction with things like supplies, nursing, Medical coverage and more. Don't be afraid to ask for help. 

Get a second opinon 

- If your unhappy with your childs care and need another opinion, don't over think it, just do it. β€‹

Insurance Co. not helping?  Your entitled to a health advocate. 

- Ask for a health advocate. If you hit any resistance, ask for a supervisor.  Advocates are available and you are entitled to one. 

- You may be able to seek out a 3rd party advocate through your HR.