"My family cannot thank Smiles from Joey enough for donating a brand new stander for our son, Benjamin.  He was diagnosed with Miller Dieker Syndrome, which is an extremely rare and life-limiting condition, when he was 2 weeks old.  At 19 months old now, he has spent most of his life in the hospital.  The stander is an important piece of home equipment for him, but it is often not covered by insurance.  This stander will be important for him in preventing/limiting his hospitalizations so he can enjoy more time at home with his family and friends.  It means a lot to us to receive such a great gift, and an organization like Smiles from Joey help me and my wife remain hopeful for Benjamin even with this devastating diagnosis.  Thank you Smiles from Joey for giving our family a better quality of life."

Isla is a 4-year-old girl with Rhett Syndrome; global developmental delay. She is unable to sit without support and requires a car seat for travel in the family car. Isla has outgrown her commercially available care seat and required a special needs car seat. Her insurance called the car seat medically unnecessary. Smiles from Joey was able to obtain the specials needs seat and allows Isla to travel safely in her family car to medical appointments and family events in the community. Isla and her family are so thankful for smiles from Joey for caring about children with Special needs. 

“Smiles from Joey helped get our family a gait trainer which is taking away all the restrictions and limitations. It can enable oneself to walk and explore the outdoor world with the appropriate parts and with it comes the development of the brain, giving the person and all the surrounding people a chance for a better life. With a lot of appreciation we are thanking Smiles from Joey for helping make this become a reality”

Our decision to use funds for adaptive equipment was easy. We truly empathize with families who are struggling emotionally and financially while caring for a child with severe disabilities. We spent many months fighting with insurance companies only to find that the things we so desperately needed were not covered by our medical insurance. We would like to help families acquire adaptive equipment - products that can improve every day life. If you think Smiles from Joey can help your child, please ask the social work department at your child's hospital to contact us. 

Quinnyiu is a 7 year old boy with sulfite oxidase deficiency, congenital quadriplegia, global developmental delay and abnormal seizure movements. He is non-verbal, non-ambulatory and dependent on his caregivers for all basic mobility and self-care.

Quinn was measured for a new chair in February 2015. His existing chair was undersized with his shoulders spilling over the sides and his knees compressed so that they were higher than his pelvis, however, Quinn was not eligible for a new stroller through Medicaid. Quinn and his family struggled for over 2 years maneuvering his wheelchair to doctor appointments and in the community before connecting with Smiles From Joey. With the support of Smiles From Joey, Quinn’s family was able to purchase a Convaid Trekker, which allows Quinn to access medical care in an appropriate seating device with optimal positioning and facilitating a more comfortable seated posture. Thank you Smiles From Joey for helping to keep Quinn safe and happy!

Peri is a bright and remarkable 17 year old girl diagnosed with Nemaline Myopathy who has used a ventilator since she was 2, has had 8 spinal surgeries and more than 20 other surgeries. Peri is a rising senior in high school and is part of the National Honor Society. Peri received a Wombat chair when she was younger as her power wheelchair did not fit in her home with all of her necessary respiratory equipment. Insurance will not cover any repairs or modifications on the Wombat chair as they will only cover her primary seating device, her power wheelchair. Thanks to Smiles for Joey, Peri will receive the modifications on her wombat chair including a headrest, hip guides, chest harness, foot plate, laterals and seat belt for safety and comfort. With the help of Smiles for Joey, Peri will have a chair available to complete homework, study, watch TV and sit at the dinner table with her family.  The modifications to the wombat chair will give her the support in sitting to complete her long homework assignments so that she can keep her grades up in high school, graduate and enroll in a great college!

Andrés is a 15-year-old boy with static epileptic encephalopathy, spastic quadriplegia, cerebral palsy and medically refractory epilepsy since age 2 months. His family fought very hard to get him an adaptive wheelchair for years, however the insurance company would not pay for the attachments that assist with his tracheostomy and G tube. Smiles from joey was able to help the family purchase the additional attachments.

“The donation helps my family move forward in life. I am so thankful for Smiles from Joey who care about children with special needs like my son. It has really helped us a lot. For 10 years I have tried to get the wheelchair, and now we can finally be able to use it.”- Mother of Andrés

Thank you so much for the iPad and communication app that you purchased for Brendin. It has literally given him a voice.

Brendin has Down syndrome. He is non verbal and understands much more than he is able to express. An IPad with communication apps was essential and has enabled him to tell us what his wants and needs are, how he feels and participate in all classroom, therapy and community activities. Since using the devise he has shown a decrease in frustration and behaviors. Brendin also has 2 brothers and is now able to interact with them in a more typical fashion.

This has been life changing for him and has made him so happy. Thanks again for your generosity and thoughtfulness.

"Daniel is beyond grateful for his new wheel-chair. Daniel was born a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy. He has been in and out of the hospital his whole life. He had been struggling uncomfortably in his old wheelchair which is too small and constricting for him. His Insurance would not cover a new wheel-chair for two more years. It has been a blessing to be able to get a wheelchair where he can feel free to have movement and not feel constricted. We are so thankful to Smiles from Joey for their generosity. Daniel's quality of life has improved due to this wonderful organization. Thank you."

Daniel Francis is a 9yr male who was brought to Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian to receive treatment for metastatic glioblastoma of the left parietal lobe. Daniel has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy during the past few month to help with his brain tumor. Due to the side effects of these treatments, he has become physically weak requiring assistance for activities of daily living and requires to be transported in a wheelchair. Due to the type of insurance that Daniel has, it was becoming difficult to provide a safe discharge for him requiring a wheelchair, a commode, and a shower chair for home. His mother had to stop working and travel here from Jamaica in order to provide care for him and they are residing with her sister during this difficult time. Due to their limited funds and issues with their insurance, it was proving difficult to provide him with the equipment he needed for proper care at home. Thanks to the wonderful support from Smiles from Joey, who purchased his commode & shower chair and rented his wheelchair for 3 months, he was able to be discharge. Smiles from Joey's generosity has helped Daniel spend more time at home with his family while be safe and comfortable. The family is forever grateful for Smiles from Joey's support during this time.

“The Child Life department at New York Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is so appreciative of the generous donation of equipment for accessibility and play materials to assist the children at our hospital. As Certified Child Life Specialists we work with children of all ages and abilities to ensure they have developmentally appropriate explanations of medical procedures, distraction during these procedures, and access to play materials to assist in coping with hospitalization. With these new supplies the patients will be able to use our playrooms and play at bedside in a whole new way! Thank you Smiles from Joey, we could not do our job without your support!”

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Smiles from Joey is a nonprofit organization that provides adaptive equipment for children with special needs.